公司收藏品 Historic Classic Car Collected by Us



1923 Bugatti (Brescia)Type 13
1924 Vauxhall LM14/40
1935 Rolls Royce shooting Brake
1937 German Kfz 2 Einheits-Pkw 20B 1/2 ton small 4x4x4 Funkkrafwagen prototype
1941 WWII Porsche TYP 87 Commander's 4 wheel drive off road car prototype
1942 WWII Porsche TYP 166 Schwimmwagen prototype
1943 WWII Ford GPW Jeep
1943 WWII VW82e KdF Special cross country staff car
1943 WWII VW 82 Kdf Afrikakorps Kubelwagen
1944 Kettenkrad HK 101
1953 Land Rover Series I MK II
1960 Mercedes - Benz 190SL
1961 Volkswagen Type 2 Samba 23 window bus
1962 Volkswagen Beetle LHD
1969 Fiat 500
1969 NISSAN Patrol SWB
1970 Mercedes 280SE3.5 Coupe
1972 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
1974 STEYR PUCH Haflinger 700 AP
1977 TOYOTA Land cruiser FJ 55
1978 TOYOTA Land cruiser BJ40
1979 US Jeep CJ7
1980 Land Rover 88 Series III
1980 Land Rover Light weight FFR GS Version
1980 Land Rover 109 LWB
1982 Porsche 930 Turbo
1985 Uaz 469 jeep
1987 Aussie JRA Land Rover 110 6X6
1988 TOYOTA Land Cruiser 60 Sahara
1990 Lamborghini LM002
1991 Mercedes Benz 300GD L.W.B.
1993 Ferrari 512TR
1997 AMGeneral Hummer H1


Collect Classic Car for Fun

: 馬大立 Victor Ma

By Victor Ma


(Mr. Victor Ma and his “treasure”)

2004年我在大陸媒體上撰寫了兩篇《駛進古董坊》的文章,介紹了兩次香港珍藏車隊在內地巡遊和當地車迷交流的故事,沒有想到會引起這麼大的迴響。在將近十二年後的今天,香港和大陸都出現了更多的經典汽車收藏家,近年更看到不少四十歲以下的香港青年開始收集七、八十年代的日本平民車和日本跑車:汽車在他們的心目中不再單單是交通工具,而是個人品味及身份的象徵。這是一個很好的開始,因為對車子沒有要求的人,基本上不能稱之為一個車迷;而在每一個車迷心中, 都會有一些自己在不同年代的喜愛,但偏偏在那個時候卻因為種種原因不能擁有它。收集珍藏汽車必須以自己的喜愛為首,因為這才是真正的喜愛。踏出了這一步, 往後你必會在汽車中得到更多學問,一步步走近珍藏珍品。

I released two articles In 2004, entitled Drive into Antique Lane, on the media of Mainland China and introduced stories about 2 trips of the Hong Kong Collectors Car ’s car collection fleet in Mainland China and the communication with local car fans. Beyond my expectation, it would cause such a big response. Today, i.e. nearly 12 years later, more classic car collectors have emerged in Hong Kong and Mainland China. In recent years, many young people under the age of forty in Hong Kong have started to collect Japanese civilian cars and sport-cars which are made during 1970s and 1980s. In their mind, cars are no longer vehicles, but the symbol of personal taste and status. This is a very good start, because a person having no requirement on cars can’t be a car fan. Each fan loves some cars at different ages, but can’t own them at that time for various reasons. The basic requirement of a new comer of Car Collector is based on to collect the car that your really love, because that is the true love. After making the first move, you will get more knowledge about cars, and gradually approach to the collection of treasure.

成為珍品的標準 :

Standard of treasure:


(“Wartime” collection of Mr. Victor Ma)

看到這裏不少車迷可能會問:是不是每一輛舊汽車都能成為珍藏經典?如果不是的話,又有什麼標準呢?作為一個汽車收藏家,我認為並不是每一款舊式的車輛都可以成為經典珍藏的。一輛在市場有價值的珍藏必須是大多數人夢寐以求的珍品,又或是其設計十分出色、科技領先、保養得宜、百分之九十以上原裝、沒有碰上過嚴重的交通事故及有出色的性能表現。但事實上,一般家庭使用的汽車都是低成本生產的四門家庭小汽車,或十分實用的七人豪華麵包車/MPV (VAN),這些汽車基本上都只是代步工具,在它出廠後的五至七年,大概已沒有人會記得起它,更何況二十年後呢?所以對於汽車收藏家來說,這類汽車並沒有很大的收藏價值。

Many fans may wonder whether or not every old car can become classic collection? If not, what is the standard? As a car collector, I think that not every old-fashioned car can become the classic for collection. A car collection with market value must be the one which the majority is coveted for, or being of good design, leading science and technology, appropriate maintenance, more than ninety percent of the original, no serious traffic accident and excellent performance. But in fact, the car used by common families is the four-door household cars with low cost or very practical seven-seat luxury Van/MPV. These cars are only the transportation tools, and no one will remember them five to seven years later. What if 2 decades later? For car collectors, this kind of cars is of no great collection value.


Most classic collection cars were widely popular among car fans when available. They are either very special in shape or unique in mechanical design. They can not only surpass other cars at the same level in the performance, but also produce a huge influence on the current car circle. In future, if proved reliable and durable, splendid in racing achievements and less in production, a car meets the basic conditions of classic collection. These cars not only keep the value, but also have the appreciation potential in future.

經典例子 :

Classic example:


(Group photo of Mr. Ma Victor (left) together with friend Xin Zaimu (middle) and Pan Binglie, the Hong Kong senior driver, (right) with the 1924 Paris - Moscow - Beijing bubble car)


(Council members of Collectors Car Club of Hong Kong)

(遮打道2015中西區交通安全嘉年華 珍藏車展)

(Charter Road 2015 Central and Western District Road Safety Carnival Collection Car Show)

如今,一輛1955年生產的Mercedes Benz賓士300SL RoadsterGullwing,和一輛1958190SL相比,它們的價格可以相差五至二十倍以上。這是因為300SL不但設計先進、操控性能優越、而且有經典造型,在賽車史上更有輝煌的成績;反觀190SL雖然外表和300SL有一點像,但馬力較弱,它比較像是為了配合公司行銷策略催生出的產品。儘管帶有300SL的影子,但性能卻稱不上是一輛跑車,因此直接影響了190SL的升值潛力。這個理論同樣可以在現有車型上得到印證:如今天的保時捷 911C2GT2,兩車的外型雖然差不多,但GT2是專門為賽車設計,數量也比911C2少得多,將來的車價差別肯定不止一倍。而且,保時捷之所以製造自動波911,主要是為了迎合那些不會開棍波賽車的中產人士,從歷史經驗來看,這些為迎合市場而派生出來的車型代步房車,都不會有很高收藏價值,更不用講提升價值。

Today, compared with 190SL manufactured in 1958, a Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster or Gullwing manufactured in 1955 is different in price for more than five to twenty times. This is because the 300SL has not only advanced design and superior handling, but classic styling and more brilliant achievement in racing. Though 190SL is a bit like 300SL in appearance, its horsepower is weaker, and more like the product spurred to support the company’s marketing strategy. Though like 300SL, it can’t be called a sport car in terms of performance, thus directly influencing the appreciation potential of 190SL. This theory can also be manifested in the existing models, such as current Porsche 911C2 and GT2. The shape of both is similar, but GT2 is specially designed for racing and much less production than 911C2, so the price difference is definitely more than one time in future. Moreover, Porsche manufactures 911AT was to cater to those people in the middle class who don’t drive the MT. According to the historical experience, these transportation RVs derived for catering to the market will not have high collection value, let alone appreciation potential.

除了德國跑車外,義大利的傳統跑車也是許多收藏家爭相追逐的對象:其中代表有法拉利和林寶堅尼,幾乎一出廠都能成為未來的經典。但是大多數2+2佈局的法拉利在外形上都不及兩座車款美、多出兩個座位也不見得坐得舒服。再者,一般法拉利的車主都不會缺少四門房車代步,因此法拉利跑車都會以兩座位為首選。而市面上一般兩座的法拉利也要看車款,當中308GTB / GTS, 328,Testarossa, 512TR,512M等都十分值得收藏;而246Dino, 288GTO, 340America, 250GT, 250GTs, 275GTB, Daytona 356, 512BB, F40等更是經典中的經典。

In addition to German sport cars, the traditional Italian sport cars are also seeking targets of many collectors. Among which, Ferrari and Lamborghini as representatives will become future classics immediately from the factory. in future when manufactured. However, most Ferrari with 2 + 2 seats layout are not as beautiful as those that with car model of 2 seats in appearance. It will not be more comfortable with two additional seats. Moreover, Ferrari owners are not lack of four-door transportation RV, so for Ferrari two seats are more preferable. Ferrari with two seats on the market also depends on its model. Among others, 308GTB/GTS, 328, Testarossa, 512TR, 512M are good value for collection , while 246Dino, 288GTO, 340America, 250GT, 250GTs, 275GTB, Daytona 356, 512BB, F40 and others are the classic among classic.

而林寶堅尼儘管轉向不太好,在彎中操控難,比賽成績不理想;但車身外表設計實在太迷人,加上直路上發揮不錯,所以同樣有大批年青擁戴者。林寶堅尼七十年代的Countach, 80年代的LM002更是四驅迷的夢想,而且六、七年裏,只生產了301輛,是今日高級SUV始祖。

Though poor in steering, handling, and unsatisfactory in racing, Lamborghini has very charming appearance,. with With good performance in the straight road, it is also popular among many young people. Lamborghini Countach in 1970s is classic. And LM002 in 1980s is the dream of all 4-W Drive wheel-drive fans. There were only 301 cars manufactured within 6 or 7 years. LM002 is the primogenitor of senior SUV today.

典型例子, 初入門款 — 法拉利308 :

Typical example, entry-level model - Ferrari 308:


(Collectors Car Show at Hong Kong Jockey Club, Fanling Country Club)


(Anniversary Dinner held at Jockey Club of River Beas)

即使同一型號,由於生產年份不同,車的價值也會有分別。就像19751984年的法拉利入門款308,由於車身帶有同廠246Dino的影子,車款有GTB硬頂及GTS,可拆篷款式,車內的電器和開關也十分像;發動機為V8,但分別有308, 308i308QV三種,當中最著名的是早期308。四個Weber化油器,發動機聲線中分高低,動聽,可發出 225匹馬力,但到了八十年代初期,為了應付先進國家環保排放條例,308 V8加入了EF1電噴技術,馬力卻無情地減去了11匹,到了後期這臺V8 3.0引擎改成每個活塞四氣門Valve設計,馬力重上240匹。但收藏家們普遍都傾向於早期型號,認為那才是308原創設計。

Even for the same model, car value is different depend on the for production years. Like For Example Ferrari’s entry-level model 308 from 1975 to 1984, its car body has the trace of 246Dino including such models as GTB hard roof and GTS, with retractable type and similar electric appliance and switch. Its engine is V8, including three kinds - 308, 308i and 308QV separately, of which the most famous is the early 308. It has four Weber carburetors, and the engine sounds beautiful with high, middle and low tones. It can produce 225 horsepower. However, in the early 1980s, in order to cope with the environmental emission regulations of the developed countries, 308 V8 adopts EFI electric fuel injection technology, but horsepower has to be mercilessly cut off by 11. Later, the V8 3.0 engine was changed into the design, each piston with four valves, and the horsepower increases to 240hp. But collectors generally prefer the early model, and treat it as the original design of 308.


In terms of car body material, there were 712 cars of 308 model adopted FRP, but Ferrari fans think that FRP car enclosure doesn’t match its noble identity; as well as the consideration on future maintenance of the FRP body is also an issue. .


Once in Milan, Italy, I saw a 308GTB, but marked 208GTB on tail. It was the first time for me to see a real 208GTB. Most car fans may not know that Ferrari has a 208GTB model. However, it is the car model which the manufacturer invented for launching more 308 with low price and low tax in its own country. The car adopts 2.0 engine with Turbo, but its output is worse than 308. As a result, it had small sale on the market and less popularity among the collectors. During the period from 1975 to 1984, the production of 308 series was 6116 which is a significant number. Today, the car has become the most popular one among entry-level V8 small Ferrari.

平民經典車 :

Civilian classic car:


(Ma Victor and her favorite Bugatti Type35 eight-cylinder racing)

(布加迪Type 13 Brescia格蘭披治方程式賽車)

(Bugatti Type 13 Brescia Grand Prix Formula Racing)

經典汽車並不一定是十分昂貴,當中也有些價錢十分平易近人:包括六十年代英國Mini,這當中有一些是比較好的"S"型號,但車殼外表分別不大,八十年代Rover也有生產到2000年。而大眾甲殼蟲也是另一經典平民車,除了早期由納粹軍工業生產的一千多輛Type 60, VW82e, VW87及戰後第一批小尾窗分玻璃型號外,其他的車價也十分低。而同廠Karmann Ghia, Type 1 VanGolf MK1, 也是十分好的選擇。而Fiat 500,Fiat Dino Spyder, Fiat X 1/9, Alfa Romeo Spider, Glu Lia, Sprint GT,Jaguar, Audi Quattro, Austin Seven, A30, A35, A40, A90, Mini or Mini Moke, FX4, , BMW 2002, 3.0CSi, M635csi, Citroen, 2CV, DS21,Chrysler CJ 7,Daimler, Nissan, 240Z, 260Z, 280ZX, Skyline, Subaru 360, Mazda, Savanna Rx-3, Rx7, Generation Cosmo, Toyota 800, Celica, AE86, 2000GT, Ford Anglia, Cortina, Cortina Lotus, Cosworth, Escort, Capri, Mercedes Benz 250CE, 280CE, 230SL, W114, 250SL, 280SL,WDB460 230GE,280GE, MG C, MG B, MG Midget, Flat X1/9, Volvo P1800, Triumph TR3, TR4, TR5, TR6, Herald, Vitesse, TR7, TR8, Porsche 912, 928, 944, Maserati, Lancia, Jensen, Land Rover Series III, Rover 3500 V8,Range Rover Classic, Singer, Sunbeam, Standard, Wolseley, Morris, TVR, Vauxhall, Opel, Alfa Romeo Spider, Giulia, Montreal, Alfertta GT, Panther, Peugeot, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Riley, Honda N600, S800, Mitsubishi Lancer, Gallant ETO, GTO-MR, Renault 5, Daihatsv Compagno F40K, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 4 door, Simbeam Tiger, SUZUKI SC100, Whizzkid等,這裏除了KDF戰前大眾甲殼蟲,戰後早期分玻璃甲殼蟲,Type 1 VanMiniS, Karmann Ghia, Alfa Romeo Spider, Audi Quattra, M635csi, 240Z, Skyline, Savanna RX-3, Cosmo, Toyota 2000GT, Cosworth (W113) Cortina Lotus, BMW 635 CSi,Maserat, Chevrolet, Fiat Dino Spyder, M.Benz 230SL, 250SL, 280SL外,其他大多數車種在日本、英國及香港售價並不高,一般中產車迷完全有能力購買。

Classic car is not necessarily very expensive, and some of them are very affordable, such as Mini in 1960s. There are some better “S” models, but the body enclosure difference is not significant. Rover in 1980s is still manufactured by 2000. Volkswagen Beetle is also a classic civilian car. Besides more than 1000 Type 60, VW82e, VW87 manufactured by Nazi military industry early and the first group of small tail glass model after the War, the price of other cars was also very low. Karmann Ghia, Type 1 Van and Golf MK1 from the same factory are also very good choice. Among Fiat 500, Fiat Dino Spyder, Fiat X 1/9, Alfa Romeo Spider, Glu Lia, Sprint GT,Jaguar, Audi Quattro, Austin Seven, A30, A35, A40, A90, Mini or Mini Moke, FX4, , BMW 2002, 3.0CSi, M635csi, Citroen, 2CV, DS21,Chrysler CJ 7,Daimler, Nissan, 240Z, 260Z, 280ZX, Skyline, Subaru 360, Mazda, Savanna Rx-3, Rx7, Generation Cosmo, Toyota 800, Celica, AE86, 2000GT, Ford Anglia, Cortina,Cortina Lotus, Cosworth, Escort, Capri, Mercedes Benz 250CE, 280CE, 230SL, W114, 250SL, 280SL,WDB460 230GE,280GE, MG C, MG B, MG Midget, Flat X1/9, Volvo P1800, Triumph TR3, TR4, TR5, TR6, Herald, Vitesse, TR7, TR8, Porsche 912, 928, 944, Maserati, Lancia, Jensen, Land Rover Series III, Rover 3500 V8,Range Rover Classic, Singer, Sunbeam, Standard, Wolseley, Morris, TVR, Vauxhall, Opel, Alfa Romeo Spider, Giulia, Montreal, Alfertta GT, Panther, Peugeot, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Riley, Honda N600, S800, Mitsubishi Lancer, Gallant ETO, GTO-MR, Renault 5, Daihatsv Compagno F40K, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 4 door, Simbeam Tiger, SUZUKI SC100, Whizzkid and others, except KDF Volkswagen Beetle before the War, early glass Beetle after the War, Type 1 Van, MiniS, Karmann Ghia, Alfa Romeo Spider, Audi Quattra, M635csi, 240Z, Skyline, Savanna RX-3, Cosmo, Toyota 2000GT, Cosworth (W113) Cortina Lotus, BMW 635 CSi,Maserat, Chevrolet, Fiat Dino Spyder, M. Benz 230SL, 250SL, 280SL, the majority of cars types offered have low price in Japan, Britain and Hong Kong, and the prices are affordable for car fans in the middle class fully afford the price.

我們身邊的未來經典車輛 :

Future classics around us


(Ma Victor visits Tank Museum in Normandy, France, and communicates with the curator)


(British Tank Museum)

歷史上的頂尖級跑車固然珍貴,但在今日的市面上我們仍能找到不少值得收藏的未來經典。像Bugatti Veyron EB110, Mclanen F1, Ford GT, Ferrari, Enzo, F50, 550, Jaguar XJ220, Dodge Viper, Benz, SLR, CLK, GTR, Lotus, Exige, Pagani, Zonda, C12, Audi R8, Golf R32, 寶馬M3, M5, 保時捷Turbo, RS, GT2, GT 3,Carrera GT,賓利Continental GT,阿斯頓馬丁Vanquish DB7,悍馬H1等等,這些都是未來的經典。但最大的問題是這些車的電子配件可以保存一百年嗎?八十年代中以前的車就沒有這問題。我的1924Vauxhall(沃克斯豪)王子五座特別版 LM14/40 Toure1935年勞斯萊斯20/25木制貴族旅行轎車珍藏,車速提升到100公里~120公里/小時機械設計也十分可靠,今日還可以在道路上行駛呢。

Top sport cars in history are precious, but we can still find a lot of future classic deserving collections in today’s market. Like Bugatti Veyron EB110, Mclanen F1, Ford GT, Ferrari, Enzo, F50, 550, Jaguar XJ220, Dodge Viper, Benz, SLR, CLK, GTR, Lotus, Exige, Pagani, Zonda, C12, Audi R8, Golf R32, BMW M3, M5, Porsche Turbo, RS, GT2, GT 3, Carrera GT, Bentley Continental GT, Aston Matin Vanquish DB7, Hummer H1, etc.. But the largest concern is whether the electronic accessories of these cars can be kept for one hundred years. Cars before the mid-1980s have no such problem. For example, my 1924 Vauxhall five-seat special model LM14/40 Toure and 1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25 wooden noble travel car for collection have speed of up to 100-120 km/h with also very reliable mechanical on the road today.

看到這裏,你心裏可能會問,為什麼由BMW生產的MINI沒有入選呢?它不是也經典嗎?對汽車有認識的車迷不難發覺,新MINI已有質的變化,它不再是以前在石油危機中設計的汽車。除了品牌轉手外,車身尺寸之大已不能被稱之為MINI,近年更推出4門款MINI房車,車價也不再是平民價,更不用說它對同行的影響和賽車歷史。英國六十年代的MINI車身十分短小,但車內空間卻很大。由於採用前置引擎連接橫波箱,這樣的一體式引擎連波箱,不但使驅動系統減輕自重,也減少了自身的面積。由於車身十分小和輕,車子跑起來不但快而且省油,這小引擎排量不到一公升,即使載著四個成人亦可以輕易跑到70哩,在六十年代初這實在非常了不起。而且它又推出了四速自動波,是售價最低的平民車。更難得的是,這平民小車在經過John Cooper改裝後,在蒙地卡羅取得多次世界冠軍,打敗五公升美國賽車,完成了無法想像的任務。這就是為什麼後來的平民汽車紛紛仿效MINI的設計和佈局。

Now, you may ask why MINI manufactured by BMW is not listed? Isn’t it a classic? Car fans with some knowledge about cars will find that the new MINI has had qualitative change that no longer as one designed during the period of oil crisis before. Besides the brand transfer, it can’t be called MINI due to its big body size. In recent years, it has even launched 4-door MINI RV with no longer civilian price, let alone its influence upon peers and racing history. Though British MINI in the 1960s has very short body, its interior space is very large. The front engine is connected with shear transmission, and such one-piece engine connection with transmission can not only can lighten the weight of the drive system, but also reduce its own area. Because the body was very small and light, the car can run fast and has well fuel-efficient, and the displacement of this small engine is less than 1 liter. Though carrying four adults, it can also easily speed up to 70 miles per hour, which is very amazing in the early 1960s. And the four-gear AT model was also introduced, which was a civilian car with the lowest price. More rarely, after the refitting of John Cooper, this civilian car won the world champion for many times in Monte Carlo, and defeated 5-liter U.S. racing cars as an unimaginable mission. This is why more and more civilian cars followed the design and layout of MINI.

看到這裏,大家就知道新款MINI並沒有什麼了不起,只是用祖宗的名氣來做招牌。如果改由賓士Mercedes旗下設計SMART小汽車的工程師來設計,這一代的Mini有可能完全不一樣。而由大眾推出的新一代甲殼蟲也沒有入選,原因是這汽車的車價不再平民化,車架也不再是為越野而設計,引擎更改在車頭前輪驅動,不再是後置引擎後輪驅動,整體的設計在當代來看,並沒有一點突出。而且在設計上和八十年代廉價日本小汽車沒有區別,只換上了一個新甲殼蟲,這車又怎可以和Kdf相提並論呢?在市場佔有率方面更完全不可相比,基本上新車完全沒有Kdf的越野基因。我真的不明白大眾為什麼不用心去做好這款車,如果用造 Touareg SUV, GolfAmarok的十分之一資源,改用了後置發動機,加上可以在沙漠越野的底盆,再加配有後驅(沙漠型號)及四驅(越野型號),這新款甲殼蟲必定另有喜歡戶外活動的年青及中產人士的市場,成為另一款有特色的24座高性能SUV車種,比BMW X6造型更經典。

Now, you know that the new MINI is nothing with the fame of its forbear as signboard. If it is designed by the engineer designing SMART under Mercedes, this generation of MINI may be totally different. The new generation of Beetle launched by Volkswagen fails to be selected, because the price of this car is no longer civilian, the frame is no longer designed for cross-country, the engine adopts front-wheel drive rather than rear engine rear wheel drive. According to the contemporary opinion, the overall design is not outstanding. In terms of design, not different from the cheap Japanese cars, it just changes into a new Beetle. How can it compared with Kdf? In terms of market share, it is more non-comparable, and the new car basically and completely has no cross-country performance of Kdf. I really don’t understand why Volkswagen is not serious in manufacturing this car. If it uses one tenth of the resources for Touareg SUV, Golf and Amarok, adopts rear engine, and adds the chassis in the desert racing as well as the rear drive (desert model) and all-wheel-drive (cross-country model), this Beetle will certainly be popular among the youth liking outdoor activities and market of people in the middle class, and become another distinctive two-door and four-seat SUV type with high performance, more classic than BMW X6 modeling.

又如Hummer H2, H3為什麼也不入選未來經典呢?原因十分簡單,H2, H3明明是GM的小卡車Pick Up底盤,但GM高層眼看Hummer H1在中東戰場的雄姿,於是向AMG提出買下品牌來生產出一款外表和H1有一點像的H2H3推出市場。這類車可以買來代步,但不會是什麼珍藏,因為真正的珍藏必須用心去造,有科技有性能,而不是跟著市場需求來做的。如果你真的喜歡Hummer,還是買AMGH1吧。H1有許多出色的設計,包括中置引擎,四輪獨立縣掛配降一級齒的拱門橋,自動打呔氣等裝置可以高空空投,加上有近代中東戰爭戰場戰鬥的背景,GMH2, H3根本不配來對比。所以這些車適合今日代步用,這些汽車和仿古車沒有區別,並不適宜作珍藏之用。

And, why Hummer H2 and H3 are not selected as future classic? The reason is very simple. H2 and H3 actually adopted the Pick-up chassis of GM, but GM executives saw the power of Hummer H1 in the Middle East market. As a result, it applied from AMG for buying the brand to manufacture H2 and H3 which was similar to H1 in appearance and introduced them to the market. These cars can be taken as a means of transportation rather than for collection, because the real collection is created seriously with technology and performance, rather than just follow the market demand. If you really like Hummer, you can buy AMG H1. H1 has many excellent designs, including mid-engine, four-wheel independent suspension, arch bridge with lower-level gear, automatic tire filling, etc. It can realize the ground radar aerial delivery. With the background of the modern Middle East war, GM H2 and H3 are far from a match. These cars are only suitable the transportation today, nothing different from the antique looking cars, rather than for collection.

世界珍藏車身價奧秘 :

Price mystery of the world’s collection cars:

(馬大立與達喀爾拉力賽世界冠軍Peter Hansel(彼得·漢塞爾)交流心得)

(Victor Ma exchanges experience with Peter Hansel, the world champion of Dakar Rally)


(Mr. Victor Ma achieves success with his Chinese racing team in Dakar Rally in 2015)


The collection cars have their prices in the world. In the Internet era today, no matter where you are, anyone can find you as long as you release a car on the Internet. The price mainly relies on car model, date of manufacturing, original maintenance, overhauled or not, file completeness, standing stock, market float and other factors. The price is also influenced if a car has racing history or its owner is a celebrity, it will influence the price. The prototype of classic car is more precious, which must be owned by the top car museum. You would not have it even with much money..

曾經長天碧血,經戰火洗禮 Einheite-PKW 20B,VW87VW166經典歷史原型車汽車收藏:

Collection of Einheite-PKW 20B, VW87 and VW166 classic historical car prototype after long battle and baptism of fire:

我自己有三輛二次世界大戰德國原型車珍藏:1937Hanomag/ BMW/ Stoewer Einheite-PKW 20B原型車,1941年保時捷4輪驅動甲殼蟲Typ877/大眾VW87原型車,1942年保時捷Typ166 /大眾VW166 Schwimmwagen原型車。我用了二十年的時間才能找到這三輛歷史原型車珍藏,而且還要講緣份,因為世上就只有這幾輛 Typ166Einheite-PKW原型車,當中Typ877原型車更只有一輛。

I have collected three German prototypes made during the Second World War: 1937 Hanomag/ BMW/ Stoewer Einheite-PKW 20B car prototype, 1941 Porsche all-wheel-drive Beetle Typ877/ Volkswagen VW87 prototype, and 1942 Porsche Typ166 / Volkswagen VW166 Schwimmwagen prototype. It took me twenty years to find the collection of the three historical prototypes, which are helped by God. There are only a few Type166 and Einheite-PKW prototypes in the world, and there is only one Type877 car prototype.

不少人誤以為汽車越舊就越值錢。03年我們珍藏車隊路經廣州一食店,店內放有一輛1907Ford Model T,這車十分可愛,介紹文章更寫道,這車十分少有且價值過千萬,其實不然,懂車的人都知道Model T是世界最早、最低價的美國車,也是世界上第一款用流水作業出產的低價車,當年車價不到歐洲汽車的十分之一。由於當年產量太大,今日留下來的可以說是以十萬計,對於初入門的收藏家,它絕對是很好的選擇。但由於Ford Model T的車速十分慢,加上只有尾殺車系統,根本不適合今日道路行駛,所以它的價值並不高。

Many people believe that the older the cars are, the more valuable they will be. In 2003, our collection car fleet passed a restaurant Guangzhou. We saw a 1907 Ford Model T. The car is very cute. The introduction showed that the car is very rare and worth more than ten million. Actually, people with some knowledge about cars will know that Model T is the world’s earliest and cheapest model in U.S, as the world’s first low-cost car manufactured on assembly line. Its price was less than one-tenth of that of the European cars at that time. Since the production was too large, nearly one hundred thousand cars are kept today. For new collectors, it is definitely a good choice. But since the speed of Ford Model T is very slow with just rear brake system, it is not suitable for driving on the road today, so its value is not high.


Don’t attempt to get a collection in backward countries:


(Group photo of Victor Ma and Al-Attiyah (right), the prince and Qatar and Dakar Rally racing driver)

說到這裏,大家都已經知道不是所有舊車都有收藏價值的,同一款汽車中可能只有一、兩個型號真正值得收藏。我知道不少車迷會去第三世界找珍藏車,但最後都是損手,因為在沒那麼富有的國家裏,汽車對他們來說只是代步工具,天天使用,維修也不會用原裝零件,又或把二手其他舊配件改上去,只要可以開就可以了。香港不少人會在泰國、印尼等第三世界國家找左軚車,因為那裏的車價比日本、英國低將近一半以上,但事實上大多數的舊車表面剛剛新噴油,看起來不錯,直到運回來才發覺車身已不知道修了多少次,車底機器等都不是原裝的,最後都好送給別人,自己再去日本或英國找。我十四、五歲的時候朋友告訴我菲律賓有許多二次世界大戰的Willys MB Jeep,十分便宜,於是我買了兩臺回來。但後來我發現引擎來自日本Toyota,波箱不設四驅,最後還是要飛去美國加州找原裝Willys MB Jeep。這種情況或許很多車迷都經歷過,但如果早有汽車收藏家告訴我,那我就不會浪費時間和金錢在第三世界找舊車了。

Now, you may have known that not all old cars are worth of collecting, and only one or two types among the same car model deserve collection. I know that a lot of car fans look for car collection in the third world but in vain. Because cars are just transportation tools for people in those countries. The cars may be used every day, repaired with no original parts or second-hand parts. People want nothing but service. Many people of Hong Kong will look for left-hand drive cars in the third world countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, etc., because the price is less than half lower than that in Japan and Britain. But in fact, the majority of old cars will be painted again for sound appearance, and people finally find that body has been repaired for many times and underbody machines and others are not original. So they have to give the cars to others, and continue looking for some other in Japan or Britain. At the age of 14 or 15, my friend told me that I could find Willys MB Jeep during the Second World War in Philippines and it was very cheap, so I bought two. But later, I found that its engine was from Toyota and there was no all-wheel-drive transmission. I had to go to California for looking for the original Willys MB Jeep. Many car fans may have such experience. If the car collectors had told me earlier, I would not waste my time and money in looking for old cars in the third world.

關於一些仿古車Replica Kit Car

About some Replica Kit Cars:


(At the Macao Grand Prix 60th Anniversary, there was a Parade with 70 Hong Kong Collectors' Cars together with the 1924 Paris - Moscow - Beijing Racing Car)

有部份的年青車迷很喜歡一些頂級的名車,例如FordGT40, Porsche 550RS, 法拉利P4Jaguar D-Type, BMW 328, Bugatti, KdF VW87/82e, AC CobraLancia Stratos等,因為許多車迷朋友都會用另一種眼光來看這類仿古車。但我個人以收藏家的身份來看,這一些高質素的仿古車其實挺適合作為入門收藏的好開始:因為有小部份的組裝車質素十分高,他們並不是用一輛現成的汽車改頭換臉變成另一品牌的假名車的,而是用心做出和原裝有95%以上相似度的好車;而這些原裝車的產量既不多,又缺少配件,因此只可以作為歷史車收藏。其中有不少仿古名車更改良了不少,以下有兩個我親身碰到的例子:

Some young car fans prefer like some top famous cars, such as FordGT40, Porsche 550RS, Ferrari P4Jaguar D-Type, BMW 328, Bugatti, KdF VW87/82e, AC Cobra and Lancia Stratos and others, because many car fans fexamine such antique looking car with another perspective. But as a collector, I think some high-quality antique looking cars are quite suitable for a newbie of entry-level collection, because the quality of a small part of assembly cars is very high. They were not changed a fake famous car, but more than 95% similar to the original. These original cars have small production and shortage of parts, so they can only be collected as historical cars. Among others, some antique looking cars were significantly improved. I personally experienced the following two examples:

早在1987年,我的一位美國車迷朋友Steve想我幫他組裝一輛AC Cobra,記得這臺1:1的大模型用了三個木箱運到我公司,車主選用了Ford野馬五升引擎來取代原有的路虎3.5 V8引擎,使這輛Cobra看來更像原裝車。到了2003年,我在意大利米蘭的朋友家中看到了真的六十年代Cobra,原裝車原來十分短,我坐在車箱內伸手便能摸到尾呔,尾懸掛和1965年野馬一樣的硬軸加葉片彈簧;反而之前我幫朋友組裝的仿古Cobra車軸比原裝長少許,這是主要為了增加行車的穩定性, 而尾懸掛亦改用了Jaguar尾雙A臂獨立懸掛,這些改良都使Cobra在今日賽道上有更好的表現。可見改裝過後的Cobra仿古車比原裝更切合今天的實際需要,也更適合日常使用。

As early as in 1987, my U.S. friend, Steve, asked me to help him assemble an AC Cobra. I remembered that 1:1 big model was carried to my company with wooden cases. The owner replaced the original Land Rover 3.5 V8 engine with a Ford Mustang 5L engine, so that the Cobra looked more like the original. By 2003, I saw the real 1960s Cobra at my friend’s home in Milan, Italy. The original car was very short, and I could touch the rear tire inside the car. The rear suspension was non independant with leaf spring, which was same as 1965 Mustang. Instead, the wheelbase of antique looking Cobra I assembled for my friend was longer which improved the stability. Its rear suspension used double-tail A-arm independent suspension from Jaguar. These improvements enable Cobra to have better performance in the racing track today. Thus, Cobra antique looking car refit can better meet actual demand and daily use today.

另一例子是七十年代的Lancia Stratos賽車,如果你已超過四十歲,相信你必定對這車有很深的印象。我從小就是Lancia Stratos迷,我的玩具、遙控車到筆盒都是這款車。在越野賽中它用的是義大利航空公司花,而在街道賽中則用Marlboro花,這車雄霸了車壇多年,成績是前無古人後無來者。1993年我去歐洲訂購Range Rover時去了一趟義大利,當時一輛Range Rover L SE的車價加上香港稅金便可以買一臺七十年代Stratos作為收藏。但當我看到真的Stratos時,卻感到十分失望:由於當時年少,對這些頂級賽車不太瞭解,以為三屆世界拉力賽冠軍車的車身必定十分結實,想不到現實中,賽車為了減輕車重,增加大樑承受力,採用了FRP材料來造車殼,並放在一個立體鋼管架上,和越野Buggy沒有多大區別;和我今日在南美用的Dakar賽車一樣,這車完全是為了比賽而設,根本不適合在馬路使用。車身更不是十分密封,下大雨時車內更可能會下微雨!加上原裝的Stratos只有左轪,不可能在本港上牌,所以最後我並沒有將它購下收藏。反見在英國有一小廠用心打做1:1Stratos Kit Car Replica,這車的車身、大樑都是仿造原裝Stratos而造,亦可選用多款引擎,加上在香港稅金大概只有原裝車的七分之一,也不過是一臺九十年代法拉利的車價。但需注意的是,仿古車的價值並不會隨年月而增加:Stratos1994年時的車價大約為₤42000至₤45000之間,但現在已升值至 €265000以上。反之,仿古車只適合作日常代步之用,並不會像原裝車有很大的升值空間。儘管如此,這些高質素的仿古車也頗適合作為樂趣車入門的好開始。

Another example is Lancia Stratos racing in the 1970s. If you are over have been more than 40 years old, I believe that you must be deeply impressed by this car. I’ve been a Lancia Stratos fan since I was a boy. My toys, remote control cars and even pencil boxes are about this car. It used Italian Airline stickers in the cross-country race and Marlboro in the street race. It dominated the races for many years, and its achievement is unprecedent that no one will follow. In 1993, I went to Italy for ordering Range Rover. A 1970s Stratos could be bought for collection with the price of a Range Rover L SE with Hong Kong tax. But when I really saw Stratos, I felt very disappointed. Since I didn’t know much about these top racing cars in my youth, I thought the body of the car winning the champion of World Rally Racing for three times must be very solid strong. But actually, to reduce the car weight and increase girder bearing capacity, the car enclosure adopted FRP materials and was placed on a three-dimensional steel pipe rack, not significantly different from cross-country Buggy. Like Dakar racing cars used in South America today, these is cars were as completely designed for racing, rather than for road use. The body was not very well-sealed, and small rain may happen inside the car under the heavy pour! And the original Stratos only had left-hand-drive and couldn’t be registered in Hong Kong. So I didn’t buy it finally. On the contrary, there is a small factory in Britain making 1:1 Stratos Kit Car Replica. The body and beam of this car are made by imitating the original Stratos, and many engines can be selected. Hong Kong tax is only one seventh of the price of original car, so its price is only that of a 1990s Ferrari. But it shall be noted that the value of antique looking car will not increase with the years: the price of Stratos in 1994 was ₤42,000 to ₤45,000, but now it has risen to more than 265,000 euros. On the contrary, antique looking cars are only suitable for daily transportation, rather than have great appreciation space like the original car. However, these high-quality antique looking cars are quite suitable for a good start of entry-level car of interest.

珍藏車學問深 :

Car collection has profound knowledge:


(Victor Ma communicates the knowledge about car collection with the clerk of Czech Skoda Museum)

總括來說,要掌握汽車歷史是一件十分複雜的事,想知道哪些汽車才是經典,必須從車廠的歷史開始一步步瞭解。在這過程中,你會遇到一系列的問號,因為 不少車廠會刻意掩蓋一些對自己不利的消息,而單依靠本港及內地的汽車雜誌去瞭解是不夠的。所以有機會的話,應找多一點車友(包括外國車友)和他們多作交流,多點打聽消息,多點出席我們的活動。這樣除了可以一起展出自己的珍藏外,更可以學到意想不到的經典車汽車知識。

Generally, to master the car history is hard. To know what kind of cars are is the classics, you have to start from the history of car factory step by step for knowing. You will encounter a series of question in this process, because many factories will deliberately hide some of the negative news, while it is not enough to learn only by the car magazines of Hong Kong and Mainland. So whenever possible, you shall make more car friends (including foreign car friends) and communicate with them more, learn more about the car news, and attend our activities more as you can. Besides displaying your own collection, you can learn unexpected knowledge about the classic cars.


Collection of car shall be headed by your own favorite:


(Victor Ma participated in 2014 China International Classic Car Tour Shanghai)


Of course, I’m not encouraging you just to buy a classic car of over 20 years. To operate such a car, you need to restore many damages and spend money, time and energy far beyond the imagination of common car owners. Therefore, collection of cars should base on personal preference , only the car that you love can drive you to spend that much time and energy on it.

珍藏車的分類 :

Types of collection cars:

(馬大立與世界賽車壇前輩Jacky Ickx(傑克·埃克斯)(左)交流賽車心得)

(Victor Ma exchanges racing car experience with Jacky Ickx (left), the senior of the world racing car circle)

馬大立和世界賽車壇前輩 Hans Joachim Stuck (韓迪斯)(右)交流賽車心得。
Victor Ma exchanges racing experience with Hans Joachim Stuck (right) the senior of the world racing car circle)

只有在歐美戰前的汽車(1939年前出廠汽車),才可以叫做真正的經典珍藏車。上世紀六十年代前的汽車是收藏車,而六十到八十年代的車基本上只可以用來代步,我今日就用了六十年代的豐田FJ 55,七十年代BJ 40,八十年代HJ61,六十年代末賓士280SE 3.5 Coupe, 1980 Land Rover1982年保時捷930Turbo1991賓士G3001993年法拉利512TR1994 Range Rover classic等代步,它們不但可靠,而且還十分耐用,因為沒有任何不必要的電子零件。

Only cars made before WWII(manufactured before 1939) in Europe and U.S. can be called the real classic collections. Cars before 1960s deserve collection, while cars from 1960s to 1980s can only be used for transportation. So far, I have used Toyota FJ 55 in the 1960s, BJ 40 in the 1970s, HJ 61 in the 1980s, Benz 280SE 3.5 Coup in the late 1960s, 1980 Land Rover 1982 Porsche 930Turbo, 1991 Benz G300, 1993 Ferrari 512TR, 1994 Range Rover classic, etc. for transportation. These cars are not only reliable, but also very durable, because have no unnecessary electronic parts.


Cars manufactured after the middle and later 1990s use more computer and electronic parts and so-called environment-friendly wire for meeting the market needs. But these computer and electronic parts can’t be used for decades, and environment-friendly wire will automatically break up after being used for less than 12 or 13 years. These make it very difficult to keep new cars. We don’t say much about the cars manufactured in this century. These cars all use the same cheap purchased parts, and price of new cars also is very low. I think that unless the owner buys large number of electronic parts and driving computer, homemade, and homemade high-quality plastic parts before stopping production of car parts, it is impossible to keep these cars. Many cars will be scrapped after being used for less than 10 years, which is quite not environment-friendly. From 2000, to occupy the car market fast, Volkswagen acquired many brands of European countries. It adopts the unified engine and transmission, or the same chassis is equipped with the different brand of car enclosure. It significantly reduces the manufactured car cost, but the car no longer has the unique individual character, and becomes the cheap means of transportation rather than treasure. Today, Japanese cars can’t avoid such manufacturing method of reducing cost too. If the Chinese car makers can concentrate on producing a series of durable i cars with character, China may build its own kingdom to replace Japan in the future.

我個人十分喜歡七十年代以前的汽車。那個年代每個品牌都有自己的設計風格,加上用心去造。不像今天的品牌,大家在設計上抄襲來抄襲去的。今年,美國有幾個老牌車廠很可能會被淘汰,這對車迷來說或許是個好消息,這樣一來也可以讓其他車廠重新評估汽車市場,製造出更好、更省油、更易操作、更快和更環保的汽車。我國如果有意入股General Motor(G.M.),就必須重組公司,重新設計汽車,而不是把美國這套重量不重質,車身大就是好車的論調帶回中國。早在六十年代石油危機時,G.M. 就出現了問題,這也是為什麼百年老店會倒下的其中一個大原因,有品味的車迷多數都不會要美國車,除了WWII Jeep MB/GPW, Dodge WC56, Chevrolet Corvette, Pontiac GTO Judge, Jeep CJ7, Auburn 851 Speedster, Buick Electra, Cadillac Coupe De Ville, Dodge Charger, Ford Thunderbird, Ford Mustang, Plymouth Superbird, Pontiac Chieftain, Studebaker President, AMG Hummer H1. 美國車的車身多數都很大,耗油量也特大,而且操控性能也沒有很好,唯一的優點就是便宜。雖然車身之大使其看起來像高級汽車,但養它可不便宜,除了耗油量大外,機械不可靠亦是另一個問題。G.M. 如果能拋開其百年老牌身份,用心造車,配合國外市場需求製造出如豐田TOYOTA,早期大眾(福士)Volkswagen般可靠和省油的車,就不會有今日的破產結果了。

I like very much cars manufactured before 1970s. Every brand at that era has unique design style and good workmanship.. Different from today, people hate plagiarizing in design. This year, there will be a few U.S. wellknown brands car manufacturers are likely to be eliminated from the market, which might be good news for car fans. As a result, other car manufacturers may reevaluate the car market, and make better, more fuel-efficient, more easily operated, faster and more environment-friendly cars. If China is interested in taking a stake of General Motor (G.M.), we should restructure the company and redesign cars, rather than take back the U.S. theory of quantity and size preference at the expense of quality.U.S.. As early as during oil crisis in 1960s, G.M. encountered the problem, which led to collapse of the century-old brand. Tasteful car fans will not choose U.S. cars, except WWII Jeep MB/GPW, Dodge WC56, Chevrolet Corvette, Pontiac GTO Judge, Jeep CJ7, Auburn 851 Speedster, Buick Electra, Cadillac Coupe De Ville, Dodge Charger, Ford Thunderbird, Ford Mustang, Plymouth Superbird, Pontiac Chieftain, Studebaker President, AMG Hummer H1. Most of the U.S. cars have large size, heavy fuel consumption and poor control performance but cheap price as their only advantage. Though large size cars look like high-class standard, but they are not cheap to maintain. Besides heavy fuel consumption, unreliable machinery is another problem. G.M. would not have been bankrupted today, if it had seriously made reliable and fuel-efficient cars as the TOYOTA and the old Volkswagen in line with the demand of the foreign market and ignored its centennialold brand.

百年汽車發展回顧 :

Centenary Car Development Review:


(Part of Ma Victor’s cars collection)


Since the birth of the cars over one hundred years ago, cars have gone through amemorable development experience. Especially the period from the First World War to later of the Second World War that witnessed the fastest development of cars, but after that their mechanical design has much less progress..

讓我們簡單回顧一下,1925年之前設計的汽車其實並不適合今天的公路駕駛,因為車速十分慢,一般車速都是在3070公里,波箱只有二速或三速;跑車車速則是100公里/小時,而且當時還沒有前剎車系統,直到1928年前剎車才流行起來。上世紀30年代中期汽車的外表、車速都有了很大的進步,機械設計也十分可靠,雖然美國車還在沿用Side Valve設計及三前速波箱,但大排量引擎和三前速波箱汽車速度也可以達到120公里,但耗油量十分大。而不少歐洲頂級汽車已改用了OHV引擎配上了四前速波箱設計,車速也提升到80公里至120公里/小時,車的外殼設計也漸漸脫離馬車的外貌,汽車重心大降,外表更有氣勢,完全具有在今日公路行駛的條件。1939年開始爆發二次世界大戰,民用汽車廠被迫生產四驅越野車,水陸兩用車,但早在大戰爆發前德國就製造了高性能越野車和越野卡車,半履帶車,採用了四速及五速波箱,L.S.D. 防滑差速,獨立縣掛及全輪輪向,V8汽油引擎和渣油引擎,直4 OHV引擎科技,這些設計都一直沿用至今。

Let’s take a brief review. The cars designed before 1925 were not suitable for today’s highway driving. Because their speed is very low, generally from 30 to 70 km, with transmission of two or three gears; the speed of sports cars is 100 km/h. And there was no front braking system then, and the front braking system became popular until 1928. In mid-1930s, cars had great progress in appearance and speed, and mechanical design became also very reliable. Though U.S. car followed Side Valve design and 3-speed transmission, the car speed could reach 120 km with large-displacement engine and 3-speed transmission, but the fuel consumption was heavy. Many European top cars switched to OHV engine with 4-speed transmission design, so car speed also increased to 80-120 km/h. The car enclosure design also gradually got rid of the appearance of horse carriage with significantly lowered car gravity and impressing appearance in line with the conditions of highway driving today. The Second World War broke out in 1939, when civil car manufacturers had to make all-wheel-drive cross-county vehicles and amphibious vehicles. However, Germany made the high-performance half-track cross-country vehicles and trucks as early as before the War. They adopted four/five-speed transmission, L.S.D. (limited slip differential), independent suspension and whole-ring steering, V8 petrol engine and residual oil engine and inline four-cylinder OHV engine technology, which are still adopted today.

戰後由於經濟衰弱,汽車工業大體上還沿用1939年以前的設計和技術,直到五十年代中期才有新設計,那時開始,車身改得較低;1960年百花齊放,各國都生產出了獨有個性的汽車,而美國汽車更採用了大量誇張的飛機尾設計。在那個年代大多數美國車還在採用三速手速及三速自動波,V8引擎及直六引擎,而歐洲則採用高性能小排量引擎,包括直四,直六及V6引擎;著名的Mini也就是在那時候面世。排量不到一公升的車身十分輕,省油之餘車速也不慢,更推出四速自動波車型。這小小的前置引擎,前輪驅動汽車在John Cooper的改裝後在蒙地卡羅世界越野拉力賽打敗五公升美國汽車。直到今天,這車的設計都對其他品牌的小汽車有著深遠的影響。

Due to the weak economy after the War, the car industry still followed the design and technology adopted before 1939 until mid-1950s. Since then, the car body was lowered. In 1960s, with great prosperity all countries made unique, of which cars of the U.S. cars even adopted a lot of exaggerated plane tail design. That era, most U.S. cars still used three-speed manual and auto gear, V8 engine and inline six-cylinder engine, while European cars used high-performance small-displacement engine, including inline four-cylinder, inline six-cylinder and V6 engine. The famous Mini was available at that time. The car body with displacement of less than 1L is very light, fuel-efficient and fast. Even car model with four-speed auto gear was launched. With little front engine and front-wheel drive, the car defeated the U.S. cars with displacement of 5L at Monte Carlo World Cross-Country Rally after the refitting of John Cooper. Even today, design of the car has profound influence on the cars of other brands.

七十年代中期三前速波箱被四速波箱全面取代,車身設計也改為比較方形;七十年代末八十年代初,冷氣系統加入了汽車,柴油引擎、環保引擎、風油軚、三速自動波和五速手排也變得十分普遍。到了九十年代EFI環保引擎成為主流,所有引擎改為電噴,柴油引擎加上了Turbo大大減少黑煙,許多電動化設備應用在汽車上。進入 2000年,第二代環保車開始普及,大量的電子系統加入了現代汽車變速器由五速改為六速,不少自排也有六速。柴油引擎馬力,扭力都超越了汽油引擎,2010年起精密的八、九前速自動波箱加入了小汽車,我公司的大眾AMAROK Pick Up小皮卡也用了八前速自排,由於這類波箱波比十分密,行車十分暢順,引擎的馬力和扭力和八前速波箱配合得十分好,行車相當省油,但這類波箱可以使用二十萬公里嗎?

In the mid-1970s, 3-speed transmission was replaced fully by four-speed transmission, and body was designed quite square. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the car added air-cooling system, and diesel engine, environment-friendly engine, hydrostatic steering, three-speed auto gear and five-speed manual gear also became quite common. By 1990s, EFI environment-friendly engine became the mainstream. All engines adopted electronic injection. Diesel engines were equipped with Turbo to reduce black smoke. Many electric devices were adopted by cars. After 2000, the second generation of eco-friendly cars began to spread. A large number of electronic systems were added to the modern cars. Transmission changed from five-speed to six-speed, and some auto gear also adopted six-speed. Both horsepower and torque of diesel engine exceeded those of petrol engine. Cars have been equipped with the precise eight-speed and nine-speed auto transmission since 2010. Our Volkswagen AMAROK Pickup also used 8 4-speed auto gears. Since the gear interval of such transmission was very close, driving was very smooth harmonious of horsepower and torque of the engine with 8 4-speed transmission, and very fuel-efficient. However, can such transmission be used for two hundred thousand kilometers?


The cars today are equipped with too many unnecessary electronic smart devices, and many are sold to the buyers just as attractions. You, your wife or child may be attracted by some gadget and new design, but you may use them just for a few times after the purchase but not more later on. These devices can only increase the body weight, but it is not as practical as expected. The most value of a car are the reliability, fuel efficiency, controllability, braking distance and solid car enclosure and frame of the cars to protect the family in case of an accident, rather than a mobile game room. As a result, the reliability of today's cars are inferior to cars inthe 1980s. As a result, my own new car is generally used for three to five years, and instead, I choose the car made in the 1980s as a means of transportation for a long time. This is because the cars made in the 1980s adopted the first generation of environment-friendly engine, four-speed and five-speed manual gear, four-speed auto gear, original air-cooling system and power steering system, dick brake for front wheels and ABS braking system, central locking system and power windows, and even power-adjusted back mirror. These are enough for general users.

我國極需珍藏車文化 :

Our Country Desires Car Collection Culture:


(In 2012, Yunnan Car Fleet Created the Historical Record of China Legion in Dakar Rally for the Racing Game)


(Group Photo of Ma Victor and Lu Ningjun, the First Car Racing King Trained by China, the Famous Driver of Dakar Rally)

在不久的將來,我國必定會成為汽車的生產大國,但偏偏我國現階段生產的汽車卻只重量不重質,這樣下去將來也不見得會有多光明。我國汽車工業的發展除了需要依靠中外合作之外,更要培訓汽車設計工程師。不光要設計外殼,更要設計好底架;而要培訓設計底架的人就必須由西方珍藏經典車的歷史學起。珍藏車是一個活教材,日本人一向很重視收藏汽車,他們的汽車博物館數量也是亞洲之最。早在六十年代,日本的各大車廠就已開始在世界各地大量採購經典汽車回國,拆開、 借鑒、學習,這也是為什麼日本能在八十年代就成為汽車強國的原因之一。不信的話可以來我店看看一輛早在上世紀20年代Bugatti T13R 採用了低重心設計1400cc 16Valve,雙火咀,兩米軸距設計,在1921年的義大利Brescia佈雷西亞)格蘭披治大賽取得1.2.3.4名,史無前例的佳績的賽車,記得在60年後的80年代中期日本汽車廣告商出現12 Valve 引擎, 到了90年代初 16 Valve 引擎才流行起來,其實早在70年前,人家就有了16 Valve 引擎設計。又有一輛1936年設計的德國汽車原型車,今日所謂最優良的四輪獨立式雙A臂獨立縣掛、永久或恒時四驅系統、前、中、後防滑差速器、可選前輪式四輪轉向、頂置Cam設計、五前一後波箱、乾油池引擎潤滑系統等設計,早在七十多年前的Einheite-PKW 20B原型車就已經可以找到。假如當年戰後有人發現這汽車,懂得把它拆開借鑒,今日的汽車早就更先進了。

In the near future, China will surely become a major car manufacturing country. However, for the time being we value quantity rather than quality, if it goes on this way it will restrict our bright future. Apart from joint ventures with foreign corporations, the development of car industry in China needs to cultivate car design engineers. Both enclosure and chassis shall be designed well, and people learning chassis design shall start from the history of western classic car collection. Car collection is a live textbook. Japanese has put in a lot of effort on car collection, and their car museum is No.1 in Asia. In the early 1960s, Japan’s car manufacturers started to buy the classic car from around the world for disassembling, experiment to increase their knowledge. This is one of the reasons why Japan became a powerful car manufacturer in the 1980s. If you have any doubt, you may come to my shop to see a Bugatti T13R in the 1920s. This car adopted low center of gravity design 1400cc 16Valve, double fire nozzles, and two-meter wheelbase design. It was the racing car winning the first, second, third and fourth place in Brescia Grand Prix motor racing in Italy in 1921 with unprecedented record. In the mid-1980s 60 years later, 12 Valve engine appeared in Japanese car advertisement, and 16 Valve engine became popular until early 1990s. In fact, there were 16 Valve engine design as early as 70 years ago. There was another German car prototype designed in 1936. It has the most excellent four-wheel independent double A-arm suspension today, permanent or constant all-wheel-drive system, front, middle and rear limited slip differential, optional front wheel four-wheel steering, top Cam design, five-front and one-rear transmission, dry oil tank engine lubrication system and other designs. Einheite-PKW 20B car prototype as early as more than seventy years ago can be found. If someone found this car after the War and knew how to disassemble and learn from it, the cars today would have been more advanced.

自汽車誕生以來,許多天才歐洲工程師都發明瞭許多好東西,只是他們當時太聰明瞭,在幾十年後的今日大家才懂。從第二次世界大戰至今汽車機械設計基本上沒有很大的進步,今日的Elec Vehice電動汽車還沒有完全成熟,政府想全面推行其實還言之尚早。因為香港面積不少,加上多山坡,一年有七成以上時間需要冷氣,一般廉價(不連稅)20萬左右的電車每次充電也只可以行駛130公里行程實在太短,所謂0排放只限定在路面行駛時大量鋰電安放在車身地臺板,汽車遇到嚴重撞擊意外時十分容易短路導致全車在瞬間燒毀,加上製造及棄置電池本身也更不環保,而電池本身的壽命也不足十年,充電電源本身來自家用220V,家用電來自燒煤發電,不見得有多環保。和我們鄰近的新加坡政府完全看透了電動車真正的問題,所以不但不支持電動車,還加重稅以防止更嚴重的電池污染地下水及泥土。

Since the birth of car, many talented European engineers invented a lot of good things. Because they are so smart, no one understood them until today, i.e.decades later. The mechanical design of cars has not made great progress since the Second World War. Today, Elec Vehice is not fully mature, so it is too early for the government to conduct full implementation. Because Hong Kong has large territory and more mountain slopes, air conditioning is needed for more than 70% of a year. A cheap electric car for about HKD 200,000 (excluding tax) can only travel 130 km after each charge. The so-called zero emission is only limited that a large number of li-ion battery is placed on the floor panel of the body during driving on the road. The serious collision accident will easily lead to short circuit, and the car will be burned in an instant. Moreover, the manufacturing and discard of the battery are not environment-friendly, the service life of the battery is less than 10 years. Charging source is from the household 220V power, which in turn comes from coal-fired power generation. As a result, it is not environment-friendly at all. Having fully seen through the real problem of electric cars, our neighboring Singapore Government not only refuses to support electric cars, but also increase tax to prevent more serious battery pollution of groundwater and soil.


Quite a few electric cars appeared over hundreds of years ago. Porsche also made two-wheel and all-wheel drive electric car in 1900 and 1902, but due to the limited battery capacity then, no much room existed for development. In another ten years, when the battery technology is matured and lithium electricity is safer, the owner can only place the phone on the car dial plate and choose the auto running or manual handling. Meanwhile, charging is wireless anywhere with Wifi. This is the future transportation means.

今日這些車十分重,設計又複雜,生產成本高,而混能車用汽油行駛及充電時也並不見得有多環保,只是某些地方的政府不容許柴油引擎而引發出的市場產品,混能車絕非最終的環保汽車,今日柴油引擎才是比較環保而實際的設計。現行歐洲使用的柴油私家車,已符合「歐五」的柴油車標準,這些數字其實和電油車很接近。 其中港人最關注的懸浮粒子排放標準已是相同,達0.005,一氧化碳更少一半,只是氮氧化物多了一半。但本港政府卻因為稅收問題而不讓環保柴油車上牌,要合乎歐盟五型(EURO V)電油廢氣標準的柴油車,才可以以私家車上牌,獲得牌照在街上行走。但要合乎歐五汽油標準的柴油車,就需要極高科技的汽車才能做得到;而其中只有 Audi、賓士和大眾合標準,但這些汽車品牌的車售價高昂,根本不是小市民可以負擔得來!有能力買八、九十萬元私家車的人,又怎會在乎幾毛錢的油錢?這個法例,有等於無。

Today, cars have great weight, complex design and high production cost, while hybrid energy car is powered by gasoline and electricity, which is not necessarily environment-friendly. It is the market product triggered by the ban of some local governments on diesel engines. Hybrid energy cars are by far the final environment-friendly vehicles, and diesel engines today are more environment-friendly and practical design. The private diesel cars currently used in Europe have met [EURO V] diesel car standard, and these figures are actually very close to those of gasoline vehicles. What Hong Kong people care most is that the emission standard of suspended particles. Likewise, it has reached 0.005 with carbon monoxide decreasing by half and nitrogen oxide increasing by half. But because the Hong Kong government prohibits the registration of diesel cars due to the tax problem, and only diesel car meeting EURO V electric-oil exhaust standard can be registered as private caron the road . Only the cars with super high technology can meet the EURO V gasoline standard, such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. But the price of these brands are very high which beyond the affordability of common citizens! People who can afford to pay for HKD 800,000 to 900,000 to buy a car will not care about the fuel cost. This legislation exists for nothing.

原來香港政府所謂要求柴油私家車「合乎歐盟五型電油車廢氣標準」,根本已和外國車廠脫節,明明是柴油引擎已合乎歐盟柴油廢氣標準又怎麼要合乎歐五汽油標準?早年電油私家車只要合乎歐盟四型電油車廢氣標準,柴油車就要合乎歐盟五型電油車廢氣標準。香港怎麼可以有這種不合理的標準?2017年本港環保處要求在港登記的汽車必須符合EURO 6(環6),真想不明白香港這麼小的地方,什麼工業都沒有,但樣樣都想世界第一,這地方汽車都不會做,但卻有世界第一高的環保標準。

Actually, the so-called requirement of Hong Kong government for the private cars to meet the EURO V electric-oil exhaust standard is actually different fundamentally from the foreign car manufacturers. Because diesel engines have met the EU diesel exhaust standard, how can it meet EURO V gasoline standard? During the early years, as long as the gasoline private car met the EU IV electric-oil car exhaust standard, the diesel cars could meet the EURO V electric-oil exhaust standard. How can Hong Kong have such unreasonable standard? In 2017, Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department required that all cars registered in Hong Kong must meet EURO-6-standard. It is a wonder why such a small area of Hong Kong without any industry wants to be the world’s No.1 in everything. Even unable to make local cars, it has the world’s highest environmental protection standard.


Personally, I think that the geographical environment of Hong Kong is very alike toTokyo, Japan. The most effective way is to learn from Japan. Any car owner shall prove that he or she has fixed parking space this year when buying the license. For the traffic jam in the city center, the government shall not solve the problem by increasing tax and license fees sharply, which deprives young people’s dream of owning a car. The correct method is adding electronic road toll during the peak hours in the city center, and building large public parking lot in various railway stations and subway stations at the entrance to the city at the same time. The owner can park with the preferential price of ninety and eighty per cent discount as public transport ticket for the day. The car owners are encouraged to avoid driving into the city center during the peak hours and reduce the traffic jam in the city center and urban air quality.


The Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong made law hastily for promoting 15 years of mandatory suspension of trucks in the form of spending much money in the name of environmental protection 3 years ago. Hong Kong citizens were told that this law is significantly related to the emission of trucks and reduction of air quality in Hong Kong. But all wise people know that screen building design in the city center, Hong Kong airport pollution and industrial pollution in South China were the real cause for poor urban air quality and haze.


Metropolises around the world do not have such law of “one size fits all”, including California of the United States, London of Britain, Paris of France, Milan of Italy, and Tokyo of Japan. But the trucks used in Hong Kong in the past are all world famous brands, which are very different from the Chinese domestic cars in quality. The overload of domestic trucks are widespread, 10-ton trucks carrying 25 tons, 24-ton carrying 60 tons, and 50-ton carrying 120 tons, which is the public truth. I think to link up the standard of Hong Kong with Mainland China is an unreasonable practice and will influence the burden and life safety of every Hong Kong citizen in the long run.


Everyone knows that all material of Hong Kong are imported. No matter how well maintained, the trucks are, they will not be allowed to register after 15 years. Therefore, the businessmen have to use the cheaper trucks including the domestic ones for reducing the usage cost. Because the area of Hong Kong is less than 1/8,400 of Mainland China, the available roads for car are less than 1/10,000. We all know that the emission of trucks is significantly related to the general maintenance, including the regular replacement of high-quality and applicable engine oil and style, and 15 years of service life not only fails to solve the urban air problem, but also brings harder problems. Since the maintenance has no difference, if it can’t be registered after serving for 15 years, the owner will choose another maintenance way, as long as it can meet the standard of annual inspection. So everyone on the road will be more dangerous. The repair for the oil leakage of the truck engine, transmission, front and rear axles, as well as brake can be ignored, because the market value of trucks from 1 to 10 years is very low. The truck can only be used for 15 years, which significantly increases the operating cost.


In California of the United States, the trucks will not be eliminated naturally until 25 years later. However, it is very common for a truck to travel 150,000 to 200,000 km a year in the United States. Hong Kong has no so many roads to go. After all, the wool still comes from the sheep (in the long run, whatever you're given, you pay for). Freight charge and towing charge will increase sharply, while the safety of trucks on the road is greatly lowered. Do the Hong Kong officials after returning to China know the seriousness of such matter?


The Collectors Car Club of Hong Kong wrote to the Environmental Protection Department three years ago and put forward our suggestions. A meeting was hold but end up in discord. Every environmental expert of the government only cared about his own interest and fully attributed the cause of poor air quality in Hong Kong to the trucks before environment protection III type. As only armchair strategist, they didn’t really understand what is actually happening in the real world, and completely separated themselves from the social reality. Finally, I proposed that the head of Environmental Protection Department exempt the continuing use of truck serving for 15 years under certain special circumstances, including some trucks with very good maintenance. If the truck travels for no more than 10,000 km per year and the underbody keeps new by 90% during annual inspection each year. For 15 consecutive years, people can apply for extending 5-year service life. This is a good policy, rather than “one size fits all”.

很多大公司每二十輛貨車邊有一輛後備車,這類車十五年走不到一萬公里,拖車行走哩數也比一般貨車低,更有不少柴油動力的SUV由於本地不合理的環保政策必須採用貨車登記,包括Hummer H1,賓士290GDG300CDIG350CDI,路虎DefenderDiscovery V6 2.7, 3.0等等這類車的行走裡數遠比環保處各部門官員及專家想像的低了許多。

Every 20 trucks of many large companies have a standby truck with travel for no more than 10,000km for 15 years. Trailers travel also less than general trucks, and some SUVs powered by diesel have to adopt truck registration due to the reasonable local environmental protection policy, such as Hummer H1. Benz 290GD, G300CDI, G350CDI, Land Rover Defender, Discovery V6 2.7, 3.0, etc. The travel mileage of such cars is far less than that imagined by the officials and experts of the Environmental Protection Department.


In the meeting, officials of the Environmental Protection Department admitted that they didn’t know the existence of such trucks with low mileage, but they said the Legislative Council has adopted the legislation. They could not offer further assistance. It is really a big joke. The legislation was hasty and full of mistakes and omissions. A responsible government shall know how to correct the mistakes and revise it immediately, rather than say the legislation has been adopted and can’t be changed.


Unexpectedly, Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong are inferior to British colonists ruling Hong Kong. Since the return to China in 1997, many chief executives governed the society with Chinese traditional paternalistic high pressure, which is inferior to that the governor Murray MacLehose made a fairer and reasonable society as the criterion in the 1970s, rather than impose uniformity on the “one size fits all” and say it is good for everybody.


Such practice is of no help in creating a harmonious society, and a promising government must make the hardworking young people able to see hope of future.

2015年美國爆出大眾汽車有汽車電腦軟件會在驗車時自動減底廢排,利於環保測試,這只是冰山一角,我估計 還有許多廠也有這類軟件,因為美國政府不斷收緊環保法規,車廠無法追上,而我們香港這小地方,車都沒有造過,環保法居然比美國還嚴。

In 2015, it was reported in the United States that the car computer software of Volkswagen will reduce the waste reduction automatically during the car inspection for facilitating the environmental protection test, which was just a corner of iceberg.I guess that many manufacturers also have such software, because the U.S. government constantly tightens the environmental protection regulations. These car manufacturers can’t catch up with them. However, the small region of Hong Kong has never produced cars, but its environmental protection law is stricter than that of the United States.


I have said above that my own new car generally is used for only three to five years. It finally becomes chicken ribs - tasteless when eaten but a pity to throw away, which is not environment-friendly but helpless. After the new car is used for five years, many equipped sensors will have problem, and repair charge is very high. 60% of the interior parts are made of sizing materials, and such products made with so-called environment-friendly sizing materials will break up and crack automatically upon disassembly for less than 10 years. All the cars will not be used for 15 years. It is the so-called eco-friendly cars today. Seven-speed auto gear and eight-speed auto gear begin to have problem, because many modern new transmission is not equipped with oil change. The maintenance cost can be enough to buy the same second-hand car, so people have to change the car constantly. The maintenance of high-tech private (EURO V) car serving for 10 years is not cheap. Discard of private (Environmental Protection V) car serving for 10 years also is not environment-friendly. Hong Kong is a material city, and many people have the ability to buy new car every 2 or 3 years. More and more private cars serving for 10 years are discarded., the ancient simplicity is reasonable, and durability is also one of the environmental protection methods in the future.

上世紀為了夢想 有人不斷在製造精品;同樣為了夢想,有設計者以廠家利益及不成熟的年輕消費者為目標,製造了大量不耐用的垃圾。區別在於,後者的夢想僅僅是富有!

People produced quality good to fulfill their dreams in the last century, while some designers made a lot of undurable rubbish in the manufacturers’ interest and with the immature young consumers as their target. The difference is that the latter’s dream is just richness!


The history of cars are fascinating, which is the real significance of collecting classic cars.

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