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1943 WWII Ford GPW / Willys MB. Jeep
Model: Ford GPW Jeep / MB willys jeep
Body Style: timeless Jeep Open body ( 277,878 Made by Ford & 348,849 Made by Willys over land )
Construction: Ladder chassis with steel open body (1942~1945)
Engine: inline 4 cylinder water cooled side valve 2199cc 60hp
Transmission: 3 speed x 2 part time 4wd
Suspension: leaf spring + shock
Brake: Hydraulic drum for both Front & Rear wheel
Max speed: 100 Km/h


Before WWII, US army force need a small go anywhere 1/4 Tonnes truck like German 1936 Einheits-Pkw Kfz 2 4WDS cross-country vehicle, a 3x1 Harley-Davidson 74UA ,Indian 340B motor cycle with side car was not good on rough country. A Ford 01C/MH was a ford 2WD light truck converted by Marmon-Herrington between 1937-41,But it is too big and expensive. Army need a lot of light weight, small cross - country mobile for small groups of soldiers and command use at front lines and over rough terrain. They need for such military innovations took on a special urgency during the later Depression years, Bantam, Willys and Ford Build some prototype for test at 1940.Such as Bantam Rough Riders, Willys MA, and Ford Pygmy build a little for Army at 1941.Although the United States did not enter World War II until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Ford & willys Produce over 600,000 unit between 42~~45 to the US Government, The willysMB/Ford GPW is the most widely produced cross country vehicle of the world. Initially known as "Peep" they soon became universally know as Jeep-Today all small off Roader call "Jeep". Many MB/GPW also use by other army, such as British Empire use 104,430 Jeep, Canada Army use 8,200 Jeep, China army use 5,944 Jeep, French army use 9,736 Jeep, USSR army use 49,250 Jeep, South America use 1,060, all others 400,000 use by U.S. Army at that time. This is why you can see MB/GPW at every where after WWII. Most of new jeep packed inside a wooden box, this is good for shipping and when box arrived, Army need assembly them like a model kit. 12778 unit of GPA amphibious made by Ford between 1942-43 base on GPW. A boat-like hull on extended GPW chassis with heavy duty leaf spring, most parts modified by GPW parts, Original design by Sparkman and Stephens co. Also some full time 4WS MB/GPW model, 6x6 MB jeep and half track, LWB, light weight, armoured car model prototype model been made for test, but because the 134.2 cu. in (2.2L) engine is too small to push this type LWB vehicle and some 4x4x4 model got high speed driving more difficult control problem etc, the Army believe the Dodge,4x4,WC57,WC52,6x6WC63 were much better., At same time Italian force use the 508C Militare, which was based on the Fiat Balilla, ( a front engine rear wheel drive Tourer) the performance is very bad, Japan build the Kurogane Type 95, a little air cooled 2 seat 4WD, but no performance, not reliable, although these Asia or European small off road vehicle were less successful, none was a serious competitor to the jeep. Only in German force, Hitler's Kfz 2, G4, Kfz 15, VW 82 buggy, VW82e,VW87 4x4 field car and VW 166 go any where land and sea 4x4 field car, German automotive industry was one of the most sophisticated on the world. But German is a very small Country, only less than 68000 unit of VW128, VW166, VW82, VW82e and VW87 German jeep been made By VW between 1939-45.The Kfz 2 4x4x4 just 12000 been made by Stoewer, Hanomag, BMW between 1936-1944. Not many WWII German off road vehicle you can see now. Most on Museum and vantage military Vehicle collectors hand. US jeep you can see any where in the world. Even at early 80s thousands of MB/GPW jeeps still use in every where in the world. I remember I saw lot of jeep still use by Shanghai Government at end of 70s. Today almost all jeep at jeeps fans hand, even in China. lot of people order MB parts from our Co to rebuild their first WWII small 4x4 collection. Every body think the Jeep was the first small 4x4 off road vehicle in the world, but the true is Germany Kfz Pkw was the first small 4x4 in the world, Jeep was also not "modern" as German vehicle, but it is a very easy repair and reliable vehicle at that time, The hydraulic brake system and shock absorbers was very nice at that time because most of small vehicle still use cable control brake and cam type hydraulic damper. MB/GPW one of all time great car, it help British, American, Franch and Commonwealth troops during the European campaigns of the World War second.

This WWII GPW jeep imported from California to HK at mid of 80s by myself when I am 16 years old. & only one in HK. our Co use 6 year to Reg this vehicle in HK and spend 16 years to rebuild this Jeep as new condition. most parts come from Europe and USA. We don't use Asia made reproduction parts, Because all our War time collection must with War time steel. This is why it take so long time to renew this vehicle. we got a very rare capstan winch, it is still in 1944 wooden box. Willys MB and Ford GPW all parts can exchange, GPW had a channel-section at front chassis cross member under radiator, and willys had tubular croess member under radiator. also some small minor differences between 2 vehicle, but GPW can use MB parts and MB also can use GPW parts. This is good for Army take the parts from other wreck Jeep. If you want your first WWII collection, The MB jeep is the best chose,( Willys MB more easy to buy parts ) also not expensive as German Jeep, easy to buy new reproduction parts. here are our e mail address: or call us at 852 - 2395 4142.

1943 GPW / MB JEEP ( 曾經長天碧血 , 吉普車中的傳奇MB / GPW一代歷史名車。)

30年代中期各國軍隊都想雍有自己的小型越野車 , 德國在1936年製造出Einheits-PKW KFZ 2 4WDS , 當時美國還在用3x1 Harley-Davidson三輪摩托 , 越野性能十分差, 其它國家也沒有小越四驅越野車 。 1940年三家車廠加入設計這類小型四驅越野車 , Bantam, Willys和Ford分別生產出自己的小越野車 , 當時產量十分小 , 軍方在二戰爆發初期並沒加入戰爭 , 直到1941年日本偷襲珍珠港 , 軍方才下單大量採構這款小越野車 , 由Willys生產 , 但由於須求大增, 軍方要求福特加入生產 , 但所有配件必須可以共用。 在1942年至戰爭結束(1945年) , Willy 和 Ford合共生產了六十多萬輛。 MB/GPW這款General Purpose , GP的發音最後演變為Jeep, 它是一輛小型 , 輕量, 多用途和靈活的全地形汽車 , 採用一台Side Valve 2.2L直四水冷引擎配三前一後速波箱 , 附加一個分動箱 , 設後驅及四驅, 四驅加力波 , 前, 後活軸葉片式懸掛系統 , 設計不如36年德國PKW KFZ 2 及 VW82e, 但十分實用, 成本低, 方便維修。 為了推翻發起二戰的軸心國 , 有104,430輛分給了英國 , 8,200輛給了加拿大 , 5,944輛分給了中國國民黨 , 9,736輛分給了法國 , 49,250輛分給了蘇聯紅軍 , 南美洲也分到了1,060輛 , 其它由美軍用 , 這也是為什麼在50年代你可以在全世界看到Jeep Willys MB/ GPW的影子。 大多數出口的Jeep都會放在一個長方形木箱內 , 以方便運送。為抗衡德國VW166水陸兩用越野車 , Ford在GPW Jeep基礎上設計出GPA , 水陸兩用吉普 , 在1942年到1943年一共造了12,778輛 , 中國國民黨分到40輛, 1949年大多數GPA被運到台灣 , 但也有少量落在新中國手上 , 據聞林彪也有一台GPA。 國共內戰四年內數以百計國民黨軍的MB/GPW吉普被中國共產黨紅軍捕獲 , 70年代的上海還可以看到不少Willys MB。

Jeep在二戰為盟軍做出的功績是不用多講 , 它足蹟天下 , 各國領導人都有一輛 , 1949年新中國成立時毛主席也是用Jeep在北平閱兵。 吉普車設計雖然不如德國 , 但遠比英國 , 日本 , 蘇聯先進得多 , 到了四十年代未 , 五十年代初 , 英國, 日本, 意大利等都在Willys MB/GPW基礎上發展出自己的小型軍用四驅車 , 而法國 , 中東 , 印度等更得到Willys許可直接在當地生產Willys Jeep。 這車影響了往後40年民用越野車的設計 , 1951年豐田越野車 , 日產越野車 , 都由MB演變出來, 而1949年Land Rover 樣車更是直接由MB改裝而來。我國的軍用BJ 2020也是由MB演變出來。

現在你們看到這輛1943年Ford GPW是服役於美軍著名第11空降師高級蔣領用車。 並在1945年秋進駐戰敗國日本東京 , 這車在1985年由當年16歲的我在美國加州運回香港 , 並改了右舵, 用六年時間上了香港牌照 , 一共用了十六年翻修這一代歷史名車。 在這十六年裹走遍世界各地來找印有F記號的零件 , 步槍架在比利時找到 , 前軍用夜行燈在美國找到, 反光牌大燈 , 指揮燈等在英國找到 , 軟蓬架在法國找到, 可以在火車軌行走的二片式輪圈在意大利找到 。今天?車可能是在中國土地上唯一有牌照的美?威利斯吉普.

今日這車用的全是當年的零件 , 而不少零件印有F記號証明是由Ford生產 。 (如果你想轉用以上資料可以和我聯絡 Email :